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Public Service Announcement - SCCRPD 2017 Recap

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Public Service Announcement - SCCRPD 2017 RECAP

The Southern Chester County Regional Police Department is committed to transparency; details of the data and statistics presented below can be found in our 2017 Annual Report which is expected to be released on February 9, 2018.  The following is a glimpse of our data from our first year of merged police operations between New Garden Township and West Grove Borough.

Crime Data:

The communities served by the Southern Chester County Regional Police Department experienced a 31% reduction in Part I crime and a 9.3% reduction in Part II crime.  Our total crime activity experienced a nearly 8% decrease from the year 2016. 

The Part I crime category that experienced the largest decline was the Theft, which had an overall reduction of 44%.  These results are achieved from having a highly visible police presence which may create an atmosphere of omnipresence, thus deterring the opportunity to commit a crime. 

Traffic Data:  

The communities served by the Southern Chester County Regional Police Department have also experienced an 18.6% reduction in traffic collisions. 

Traffic citations and the ensuing enforcement is up by 7.9%.  DUI arrests are up by a staggering 43.8%.  Both of these categories have affected driving behaviors which has resulted in the reduction of traffic collisions.  

Budget Data:

In addition to our communities having a safer community, the good news culminates with the announcement of a nearly 10% decrease in projected costs to operate the Southern Chester County Regional Police Department. 

Price Point:

Based on the projected budget of $2,386,513.00 our per officer price point was approximately $127,213.00. 

As stated above, partnering has revealed savings to both our communities.  Although the audit is pending, we are confident that the partnership has revealed an estimated 10% decrease in our projected 2017 budget.  This brings our officer price point to an estimated $114,859.00. 

It is worth noting that the regional feasibility study completed by the DCED in the fall of 2015 estimated our price point at $152,000.00.  

Our efforts to stabilize public safety costs have succeeded; it’s created a reduction in overall costs.  Economizing to scale, a management rights friendly Collective Bargaining Agreement and an aggressive stewardship and management style of the budget have contributed to these positive results.   


As we continue to understand the aforementioned trends we do not anticipate any significant changes to our preliminary data.  The Command Staff attributes this good news to a team committed to a leadership and philosophical practices focused at achieving results. 

The Southern Chester County Regional Police Department is staffed by dedicated professionals whom believe that creating a community where our residents, businesses and visitors can enjoy safety begins with proactive problem solving and partnerships committed to community policing!  We could not be more pleased with the results of our first year in existence, which in the final analysis supports our motto:

“United to Serve Our Communities with Excellence”

In conclusion, none of this could have been accomplished without the support of the Public Safety Commissioners; their guidance has given us an opportunity to succeed.  To the communities of New Garden Township and West Grove Borough, we appreciate your trust, confidence, and support.  We look forward to building upon this success in 2018.

For more information about this and other public safety activities find us at our website www.newgarden.org/southern-chester-county-regional-police or at the Crime-watch page www.sccrpd.org, Facebook or on Twitter at @1SCCRPD.  Questions about this press release can be directed to the Chief of Police’s office at 610-268-2907, extension 105.