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2018 National Police Week


National Police Week begins Sunday, May 13th through Saturday, May 19th, 2018.  In remembrance of our nation’s fallen heroes, sworn personnel are hereby ordered to wear their mourning bands across their badge. 

This is a solemn time for our Nation’s peace officers --- as I write this memorandum, fifty-one (51) officers have paid the ultimate sacrifice in 2018.  Most concerning, is that twenty-seven (27) have been killed by gunfire. 

Later this year we are hosting an officer safety training session for the police department.  In this training session, you will hear DFC Scott Hogan’s story of being shot in the line of duty while handling a routine domestic incident.  It’s my hope that DFC Hogan’s near-death experience will serve as a lesson in survival. 

In the interim, please know that the safety of our hometown heroes, Chester County’s finest and the peace keepers of this Nation are in my thoughts and prayers. 

“In Valor There Is Hope…”  

- Chief Gerald Simpson