Pavilion Rentals

Back Pavilion

Consider holding your next birthday party, team party or family event at New Garden Park. 

To rent one of the two pavilions in the park, please contact Township Offices at 610-268-2915 or email the Pavilion Rental Form to the Township office.

For any meeting room rentals inside the Township building, email form to

As of January 1st, 2022, we will not be renting out the Lyceum Hall for any types of events. We also do not accept private parties or events in the meetings rooms. Thank you.

If you are interested in renting you will have to:

  1. Call or email the New Garden Township office and ask for available rental dates.
  2. Fill out the facility/pavilion rental application and carefully read through the rules and regulations.
  3. Bring your cash/check deposit with your completed rental application to the office. Mailing it in also works. *MAKE SURE WHEN PAYING WITH CHECKS THAT TWO SEPARATE CHECKS ARE INCLUDED. One for the pavilion rental and one for the security deposit, which is REFUNDABLE.*

For any questions please contact the office at



  • 5 tables
  • Seating for 40 people
  • ADA seating for 5
  • Max 60 people
  • 2,120 V outlets
  • Access to charcoal grill



  • 5 tables
  • Seating for 40 people 
  • ADA seating for 5 
  • Max 60 people
  • 1,120V outlet
  • Access to charcoal grill



  • 4 tables
  • Seating for 32 people
  • ADA seating for 8
  • Max 40 people
  • No electrical outlets
  • Access to the double charcoal grill