2020 Events

Mark your calendars!

New Garden Park Entrances at:

snowman yoga

Warm-Up Your Wednesdays- Yoga with Hilary is back at New Garden Township


Sometimes we need a change of pace, a change of scenery, something different to shine a new light on our perspective.

So, for the winter months we will move our traditional Tuesday class at Lyceum Hall to the New Garden Township

Building on Wednesdays, same times 6:00-7:00pm.


Group practices will continue with mindful flow,purposeful breath work and ideal asana for promoting physical,

emotional and mental well-being. Those of you unfamiliar with the room, turn right at the main entrance and then

turn left, the room will be warmed up and ready for you with all of the familiar props.


View The Growing Room calendar here: https://www.the-growing-room.com/classes



Annual Spring Clean up

Outside the Park:

Consider joining New Garden Parks and Recreation Board or sponsoring one of the many great free events in New Garden Park.  Contact office@newgarden.org for more information. 

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