New Garden Citizen's Handbook


A Brief History

Before William Penn, Jr. obtained his patent for land given him by his father in 1706, he arranged its sale. This land included the area known as New Garden Township, an area of steep slopes and rolling hills cut by fast-moving creeks and meandering streams. Homes were built, land was cleared and cultivated and Meeting Houses and schools were constructed. Soon villages sprouted - New Garden which grew around the Meeting House; Toughkenamon on the "road from Brandywine to Nottingham" and where the old inn, best known as The Hammer & Trowel was located; Landenberg which was the home of many mills located along the White Clay Creek (most notably cotton mills and woolen mills); and Kaolin which was the center of extensive clay quarries from which a fine china clay was excavated. As years passed and water power gave way to other sources of energy, the mills closed and many employees moved on to more prosperous industrial areas. The clay quarries filled with water, and the Township returned primarily to farming, and so it remained for many years. The countryside is changing, but all around us we can still see the lovely homes, schoolhouses, Meeting Houses and Churches that date from the 1700s and 1800s.

New Garden Township and Agriculture

New Residents are reminded that part of the charm of the Township is its agriculture. There are many corn and hay fields across the landscape and provide a unique break from the typical urban and suburban scenery. Along with the beautiful landscape there are inconveniences like farm equipment on the roads that slow down traffic. As with any agricultural facility there are odors associated with natural natural product. Most farmers make every effort to minimize these odors but they are unavoidable and you should consider them as a part of why the landscape is as it is.

Utilities and Local Services

Phone Directory: To obtain a phone directory call (800)888-8448 or visit online.
Motor Vehicle: To obtain a Pennsylvania State drivers license and/or change your address and registration of your cars visit online to find locations or call (800) 932-4600
Cable/Internet: To hook up your cable, internet or general questions about service, contact ComcastVerizon, Satellite TV, DIRECTV, DIRECTV Existing CustomersAT&T, or HughesNet Satellite Internet Service.
Power Outages: Customer Service (800) 494-4000. To report a power outage please call PECO
Public water: (800) 793-2323. View Chester Water Authority to find out about water quality, answers to questions about your services, annual reports, etc.
New Garden Sewer Authority: Please note that sewer bills are based on water usage through Chester Water Authority. Please call Joanne Hafner, Sewer Billing Clerk with any questions regarding current rates or billing questions at (610) 268-2915.
Moving: Click here to find help with setting up utility services in your area.
Voters Service: To register or find your local polling place call (610)344-6410 or see the New Garden voters page
Garbage Removal: To set up weekly garbage removal you may want to contact any of the following:Recycling is mandatory in New Garden Township. Residents and businesses must recycle. Click here for New Garden Recycling.
Recycling & Hazardous Waste Disposal: To find out about disposal of hazardous waste, recycling or general information about waste management in Chester County click here. New Garden Has a Household Hazardous Waste Collection every September. Click here for more information about HHW (Household Hazardous Waste). Or call SECCRA Landfill at (610) 869-2452
Children & Family: New Garden Township supports the Bayard Taylor Memorial Library and as residents you are encouraged to use the Library. There are many programs year round for children and adults. Please take a look at the website or give them a call to find out what programs are available. It is very easy to obtain a card to become a member of the library. All you need to do is fill out the application, which can be obtained at the library, and show proof of address.
School: New Garden Township is part of the Kennett Consolidated School District. Three of the Districts six school buildings are located in the Township. For more information visit Kennett Consolidated School District.
New Garden Park: Visit the Park Events. Contact or 610-268-2915 to learn about events going on in the park for children and adults. Please call the Township building to reserve park pavilions (610)268-2915.

Emergency Services-911

sccrpdFor all emergencies: Dial 911.
Getting Married in Chester County Congratulations! You will need to apply for a marriage license not 60 days before your wedding day but at least three business days before. Learn about what is required to obtain a marriage license in PA or call Chester County Courthouse at (610)344-6355.
To find out more general information about Chester County, click here or call (610)344-6000, (800) 692-1100 call Chester County Courthouse at (610) 344-6355.