Toughkenamon Streetscape and Transportation Improvement Plan- Final Plan Available


In an effort to advance the adopted 2018 Comprehensive Plan, New Garden Township applied for and was awarded a grant through the DVRPC Transportation and Community Development Initiative to fund the engineering of a Streetscape and Transportation Improvement Plan in the Village of Toughkenamon. The Township advertised for interested residents and business owners to form a committee to guide the streetscape plan, identify ways to improve transportation and mobility in the Village, and enhance aesthetics, housing diversity, and investment.

The committee has worked together over the past year, through the process of several public meetings and comment opportunities, towards the creation of a final plan that will enable a mixed-use business corridor along Newark Road, Baltimore Pike and Main Street and that is focused on sidewalks, ADA considerations, safe routes to public transportation, crosswalks, pedestrian amenities, landscaping, a future park, and overall beautification of the Village.  View the Plan HERE

Based on comments received from the public on the draft report between February 10 and March 10, 2020, the consultant team prepared the final report for the Village of Toughkenamon: Streetscape and Transportation Improvement Plan. Below is a summary of the key revisions to the draft report dated 2/7/2020 that have been incorporated into the final report.

  • Two artistic renderings were added to the report. One rendering was added to the cover of the report and design guidelines. Both renderings were incorporated into Chapter 5.
  • In Chapter 1, a page was added to summarize the public comments received on the draft report. Additionally, all comments received were added to Appendix E.
  • The concept and description of the park/playground was revised throughout the report, including the Executive Summary, Chapter 3, and Chapter 5. All references to the specific parcel owned by the Toughkenamon Presbyterian Church have been removed. Language was revised to describe the need to identify an appropriate location for a park/playground and the concept plan was revised to be for a general location (and not a specific parcel). The playground location was removed from several maps, including the Priority Capital Improvements Map. In Chapter 5, the Key Action Item for the park/playground was revised to note the need to identify an appropriate location and identify funding or partnerships to for implementation.
  • In Chapter 3, language was added to clarify and reinforce that any new development will be market driven and ordinance revisions could help to support local businesses.
  • In Chapter 4, language was added to note the need for further design and coordination with property owners relative to the gateway treatments to ensure access to adjacent properties is maintained.
  • In Chapter 5, development of a rental registration and inspection ordinance was added as a Secondary Action Item. Public comments were received in support of this action item and it is consistent with and reinforces recommendations in the 2018 Comprehensive Plan.

The final plan is available for public viewing HERE and will be presented to the Board of Supervisors for adoption at a future public meeting.