Communication Committee

Lyceum NewsletterEstablishment:

The committee shall consist of seven members who shall be appointed by the Township Supervisors plus one Supervisor Liaison and two members of the Township Administration Staff.


Each member shall serve for three years. All vacancies shall be made to take effect in December of each year except if there is a vacancy for an unexpired term, which can be filled immediately.


The Supervisor Liaison shall designate a chairman.


To study and evaluate forms of communication which provide the most up to date methods and technology used to deliver and receive information between our residents, municipal government, commissions, committees, and departments.


To make recommendations and suggestions and provide technical assistance to the Board of Supervisors and Administration to ensure that the Township succeeds in its endeavor to provide its residents with vital communications.


  1. Deliver pertinent information to residents.
  2. Produce a quarterly e-newsletter.
  3. Make government more accessible through interaction with its citizens.
  4. Build a sense of community by supporting community organizations and activities.
  5. Make new Garden Residents more aware of their town’s history, culture and value.
  6. Reduce municipal costs.

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Committee Members

Tony Scheivert

Kati Parlier
Filomena Elliot
Suzanne Geouque
Stan Lukoff
Chris Robinson
Michael Caccavo
Sandy Lutz