Tax Information

Earned Income Tax:

Collected by:

Keystone Collections Group
546 Wendel Road
Irwin, PA 15642
Phone: 724 978 0300

Resident Rate: 1.125% 
Non-resident Rate: 1%

Real Estate Taxes:

Collected By: Chester County Treasurer - 610-344-6370
Elected Tax Collector:

Joseph Bohnert
New Garden Township Tax Collector
309 Newark Road
Landenberg, PA 

Rate: 1.72 mills
General Purpose: 1.089 mills
Fire Protection: 0.250 mills
Fire Protection-insurance: 0.037 mills
Ambulance: 0.144 mills
Ambulance & Rescue: 0.10 mills
Library - .100 mils

School Taxes:

Collected by:

Kennett Consolidated School District
Tax Department
300 South East Street
Kennett Square, PA 19350
School Taxpayer Information

Rate: 29.8789 mills

Local Services Tax:

Collected by:

Keystone Collections Group
546 Wendel Road
Irwin, PA 15642
Phone: 724 978 0300

Rate - $52.00

Fire Hydrant Tax:

Collected by:

Keystone Collections Group
P.O. Box 505
Irwin, PA 15642 
Keystone Phone: (724)978-0300
New Garden Tax questions: (610) 268-2915

Rate: .00017%
Applicable to properties located within 780 feet of a fire hydrant

Did you know the quickest way to get your refund is to file online? If you live and work in Pennsylvania, you can e-file on our tax administrator’s secure website, which is available 24/7

Keystone Collections Group's e-file is the easy, fast and secure way to file your tax return. It lets you file your tax return when it is most convenient for you. You will need your W-2, your Social Security Number and any other income documents that may apply (such as a PA-UE or a Schedule C).

Please note that the forms change. If you will be claiming an out-of-state tax credit or if you work in Philadelphia, you may be eligible for a local earned income tax credit up to the amount you owe to your resident municipality. The worksheet on the back of the form will help you calculate your out-of-state tax credit (attach a copy of your out-of-state filing).

If you have questions regarding local tax filing, call Keystone’s Taxpayer Helpline at 1-888-328-0565 to speak with a local, knowledgeable Taxpayer Service Agent. You can also email your questions to “Taxpayer Support”.

The Chester Tax Collection Committee (CTCC) recently appointed Keystone Collections Group to serve as the Earned Income Tax (EIT) and Local Services Tax (LST) collector for school and municipal taxing authorities within Chester County. This important change was brought about under Act 32 of 2008. Act 32 requires municipal governments and school districts in all Pennsylvania counties, except Philadelphia, to select a single tax collector to serve the Earned Income Tax collection needs of the political subdivisions within the county. Keystone will officially start EIT and LST collections for the CTCD effective January 1, 2011.

For additional information on Keystone Collections Group, please click here to visit their website.