About New Garden

Town OfficeEstablished 1714

New Garden Township is located in Chester County. The Township Building is located on 299 Starr Road, just west of where Starr Road intersects Newark Road. Organized in 1714. Population 11,900 (2010). 16.2 square miles. Over 58 miles of Road. 

For recent data and anlysis of New Garden Township visit city-data.com. View the 2010 Census for New Garden.

A description of New Garden Township from the book “Once Upon a Time in New Garden Township ” by Ann Hagerty, New Garden Historical Commission website:

“A picturesque land of forests with clear creeks running through, rock-topped hills and outcroppings, marshy valleys and wildlife in abundance, it lies within drainage of two watersheds - the west and southwest portions drain into the White Clay Creek, while the eastern part drains into the Red C1ay Creek. Most of the land is moderately sloping and somewhat rolling, but the southern part is steeper, with slopes breaking sharply into valleys. The highest point is north of Toughkenamon with an elevation of 483 feet above mean sea level; the low point of 180 feet above mean sea level is found where Broad Run leaves the Township in its southern boundary. ” 

Directions to the Township Building