Hazardous Waste Collection

Hazardous Waste

Chester County Household Hazardous Waste Collections  are held throughout Chester County.   Make sure to check for your local collection to make sure that hazardous waste does not end up in our community.

Materials - Not Accepted

Materials - Accepted

Paint ProductsOutdoor ProductsAutomotive ProductsHousehold ProductsHousehold Other
TurpentineSwimming Poll ChemicalsGrease and Rust SolventsDrain OpenersAcids, Coustics, Solvents
Wallpaper CementWeed Killers

Fuel Additives

Rug CleanersFlammables
Paint Thinners

Septic Tank Degreasers

Carburetor Cleaners

Wood & Metal Cleaners


Strippers & RemoversAsphalt SealersTransmissions/Brake Fluid


Organic Peroxide

Oil-based Paints

Caulking Compounds


Reactive Metals

Stains & Varnish

Joint Compounds

GasolineSpot RemoversLead

Roof Cements

Car Batteries

Dry Cleaning Fluid


Other Solvent Based Products  


Mercury Bearing Items

Gas Cylinders (20 lbs. or less )

  1. Take the lid off the paint can and let the paint dry out and then dispose of in trash.
  2. Call 610-273-3771 ext 228 for used oil recycling locations or contact local automotive service center.

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